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Physical Address
Plot 473 Kameel Center,
C/o Wever & Roodeplaat Road, Kameeldrift East

PO Box 906701
0150, Preotria

Tel:  +27 12 819 1440


New era in beekeeping in South Africa

The Honeybadger has moved into a new dimension! We are now BEE compliant and we are ready for the new era in beekeeping in South Africa.

Our premises in Kameeldrift East, Pretoria South Africa offer more than 50 square meters exhibition space as well as a lecture room that can seat 20 learners at tables.

 Join us for a cup of coffee, tea or ice cold filtered water while you find everything you need for beekeeping: from hives, protective clothing, and tools to all honey bottling equipment. We also sell pure South African Honey in our Honey Shoppe! 

 Sidwell and Theresia are ready to assist you with their knowledge and experience and to give you tips and show you the techniques in beekeeping. 

'Bee' informed

The media is full of articles on imported honey tainted with antibiotics. This is good news for consumers as well as for producers. Unscrupulous importers are now more careful but unfortunately innocent labels was taken of the shelves causing irreparable damage to certain labels. 

The price of quality South African honey has increased and consumers can know that retail honey prices below R50 per kg (August 2007) are possibly either imported or blended with imported honey. Even well known retailers with honey branded in their name are also known to receive imported honey although they deny this. Their suppliers are contractually bound to supply honey at a certain price and with producer prices rising they have n choice but to blend cheat poor quality imported honey with South African honey. (the honey regulations stipulate that if a jar of honey contains 50% South African honey, it can be labeled as South African honey) Most labels now carry the countries of origin but be assured that although it mentions many countries, the contents probably comes only from China. 

 Consumers are advised only to buy pure South African honey. We can supply in quantity. Contact us  


You may have noted that our site were down for a couple a days and that gave us the opportunity to do necessary maintenance and upgrades. We hope to do more regular updates and to ad a lot more articles and all previous copies of the South African Bee Journal. For more information, click here

'Bee' prepared

We offer a wide range of beekeeping equipment.  You will find everything you need, including hives, hive components, protective beekeeper's clothing, filters for honey and wax, honey packaging  and more....  (Prices included and updated 1 September 2007) New equipment arriving from France Nov 2007!

New at Beekeeping?

We show you how to become a beekeeper.  We have an introduction course to beekeeping that will teach you everything you need to know.   

So what is a Honeybadger? 

A honeybadger or ratel is known as one of the main culprits for breaking into hives for brood and honey.  Click here to read more about this fascinating creature, or follow our link to articles and see what other fascinating information we have in our knowledge base. 


Attention Beekeepers, we buy clean beeswax and capping in all quantities. Contact us for more information

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