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Honeybadger is proud to have celebrated its two-decade of service in the Bee Industry. It has indeed been a buzzing time we and the same values we set out with from the start is still ingrained in our business and its practices today. We believe that bees are to be treated humanely and not to be harmed in any way. Honeybadger is proud to have seen many a bee entrepreneur and farmer come through our training programs to contribute greatly to this wonderful industry.
It is said that when you do what you love with all your heart the rest will follow. Through our values and passion, you will find no greater colleague and friend in the Bee industry. Providing responsible pure bee products to the market is our passion and drive.


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Robust Structures

We work with you to create your knowledge base and business to ensure you are ready for the journey ahead

Horizontaly Integrated

To ensure you speak to who you need to speak to and not get lost in the hive


We will be able to assist you with every Bee related requirements – from farming to retail.

Wide Range Of Bee Equipment

We supply ALL related bee equipment to ensure that from your weekend warrior to your die heart bee enthusiasts are covered for any and all occasions be related.