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Hives and Hive Components – Assembled

Code Description Price
BK7 Complete hive assembled and ready for bees: Consists of Floorboard, brood chamber (with10 frames, wired and waxed), Super chamber (with 10 frames, wired and waxed), lid with aluminum cover & 1 hive tie, all components treated no Queen excluder. 1 000.00
GK6C, GK5C, GK9, GK4C, GK12, GK2C, DD 1000.00
KIT1 Beginners kit: consisting of BK7, a Jockey veil (KJ), Gloves (KH3), Smoker (RK2), Hive tool (DYSC), Bee brush (BB2) and BSA-Beekeeping in South Africa 2 300.00
GK14 Migratory lid with an aluminum cover painted 126.00
GK1C Top cover assembled-painted 120.00
GK2 Top cover with an aluminum coversheet 150.00
GK2C Top cover with aluminum coversheet-painted/creosote treated 160.00
GK3P Inner cover-plastic 40.00
GK3 Inner cover- hardboard 65.00
GK4 Super chamber assembled 135.00
GK4C Super chamber assembled-painted/creosote treated 135.00
GK5 Brood chamber assembled 145.00
GK5C Brood chamber assembled-painted/creosote treated 180.00
GK6 Floorboard assembled 120.00
GK6C Floorboard assembled-painted/creosote treated 130.00
GK7 10 Brood frames assembled without wire & Wax 140.00
GK8 10 Brood frames assembled with wire 180.00
GK9 10 Brood frames assembled with wire & wax strips 260.00
GK10 10 Superframes assembled without wire & Wax 145.00
GK10BS 10 Superframes plastic 145.00
GK11 10 Superframes wood assembled with wire 145.00
GK12 10 Superframes wood assembled with wire & wax sheets 280.00
GK12BS 10 Superframes plastic with wax sheets 215.00
GK13 Migratory lid with an aluminum cover painted 130.00
GK14 Trap box (wood), 5 frames, creosote, no frames 130.00
GK15 Observation/Display hive-1 brood + 1 superframe 600.00
GK16 Trap box  (plastic), 5 frames, no frames 250.00
GK 17 Trap box carton (imported) – No Frames 250.00
GKHV 5 frame trap box – (wood) incl. Frames ready for bees 300.00
GKVP 5 frame trap box – (plastic) incl. Frames ready for bees 250.00
TBHA Top bar hive assembled & painted 500.00

Hives and Hive Components – Unassembled

Code Description Price
OK11 Complete beehive unassembled (Flat) consisting of all wooden components for the floor, brood chamber with 10 frames, a super chamber with 10 frames and lid. OK1, OK2, OK3, OK4, GK1, GK6 700.00
OK8 Aluminum coversheet 40.00
OK8C Aluminum coversheet (2nd hand) 30.00
OK1 Super chamber-unassembled 140.00
OK2 Superframes 10-unassembled 140.00
OK3 Brood chamber-unassembled 170.00
OK4 Brood frames 10-unassembled 170.00
GK6 Floorboard assembled 120.00
GK1 Lid-assembled  (top cover) 120.00

Honey Packaging: Jars, Buckets and Comb Trays

Code Description Price
BS5V 24x500g squeeze honey bottles, Pre-packaged 400.00
BR5L 500g round / octagonal PET honey jars (loose) incl lid 30.00
BR5V 24X500g round honey jars, Pre-packaged 400.00
BR5K 1kg honey jar, round PVC (each) 30.00
E1L 1,5kg plastic honey bucket 30.00
E2L 2,8kg plastic honey bucket 40.00
E5L 7kg plastic honey bucket 35.00
E20L 28kg plastic honey bucket 100.00
E25L 35kg plastic honey bucket 100.00
PB2 Plastic comb tray hard plastic 6.00
LR1 Labels with re-heating instructions (100) 90.00
LR2 Honey lables – design and printing P.O.A


Code Description Price
133 250ml glass jar 20.00
300 500g honey comb motif glass jar 20.00
344 375ml Glass jar 20.00
371/081 125 ml Glass jar 20.00
382 32ml Petite glass jar 20.00
817 500ml Glass jar 25.00


Integral Extraction – Fully Automatic Setup

Code Description Price
C1001 “Alpha Plus” uncapping machine 18 495.00
C1002 Conveyor for 40 uncapping frames 25 364.00
A1034 Extramel full automatic extractor for 40 frames 75 195.00
A1033 Electric heating baffle tank 200795.00
817 Honey pump monophase-220 v pump 33 140.00
A1035 Conveyor for 40 empty frames 35 380.00
1482 Honey creamer / mixer 300kg drum 181 036.00
8900 Electric filling machine Thomas deseuse Fill-up” 41 655.00


Code Description Price
RK4 Smoker galvanized with heat guard (imported) 390.00
RK5 Smoker stainless steel without heat guard (imported) 450.00
RK6 Smoker stainless steel with heat guard (imported) 480.00
RKF Smoker rolls (ALL NATURAL) 16.00
RKS Smoker starter blocks, all natural 100 pieces 120.00


Uncapping Equipment

Code Description Price
DV Uncapping fork (imported) 130.00
DKE Uncapping knife, electric, built-in thermostat 3 918.00
DKCS Uncapping knife straight serrated 2 598.00
DKCB Uncapping knife, bent, single serration 5 583.00
DKC Uncapping knife with bent tip double serration 170.00
UBS1 Uncapping tank round 3 545.00
UBS Uncapping tank, s/steel (650*480*300mm) 2 148.00
UBP Uncapping tray, plastic (600*400*420mm) 4 615.00
UST Uncapping tank with a sorting table 4 613.40


Protective Clothing and Gloves

All sizes = full beekeepers overalls made from strong and durable denim-type white material. Double elastic at wrist & ankles and double zipper for extra protection. Hat-veil with hard gauze attached to overall. 5 – pockets including one for the hive tool
Code Description Price
KHG Veil round type with hat and soft gauze 450.00
KHW Veil round type with hat and hard gauze 680.00
KJ Veil jockey/caddy type with soft gauze white 780.00
KVM Bee overall with veil M & L  (Badger) 36-42 995.00
KVL Bee overall with veil XL (Badger) 44-46 1 035.00
KVX Bee overall with veil, XXL  (Badger) 48-50 1 135.00
KVXXL Bee overall with veil XXXL (badger) – (3XL) 52-54 1 250.00
KVXL Bee overall with veil XXXXL (badger) – (4XL) 56-58 1 350.00
KVXL5 Bee overall with veil XXXXXL (badger) – (5XL) 60-62 1 400.00
KO1D Bee overall – size 36-44 500.00
KO2D Bee overall – size 46-48 500.00
KO3D Bee overall – size 50-54 600.00
KH1 Bee gloves – Red PVC + yellow gauntlet 100.00
KH2 Bee gloves – yellow PVC with material arms 120.00
KH3 Bee gloves – Red PVC with material arms 150.00
KH4 Bee gloves – leather with material arms 160.00
KH5 Bee gloves – cotton inner gloves 130.00
KV PVC apron for protection of clothing 60.00
GBW Gumboots white 160.00
GBB Gumboots black 160.00



Code Description Price
B401 Biological control of wax moth larva, a small flask 230.00
DBB Bee boost with OMP (Queen pheromone substitute) 45.00
DSC Swarm catch 50.00
FTS Phostoxin tabs for fumigation of wax moth 30 tabs 90.00
NBL Natural bee lure 45.00


Books, Journals and Articles

Code Description Price
BBC Breeding queens – Gilles Fert (practical queen rearing info) 290.00
BG Beekeeping: A practical guide for SA Marchand 300.00
BSA Beekeeping in South Africa (Blue Book) 400.00
Book4 South African Bee journal back copies, each 8.00
CDA Apitherapy CD with powerpoint presentations 500.00

Queen Rearing Equipment

Code Description Price
CGF Chinese grafting feather 80.00
QBB Cell bar blocks for queen cell cups 120.00
QCB Queen cell bars 120.00
QCC Queen cell cups, to fit on cell bar block / 100 110.00
QGC Queen guard cage 110.00
QIC Queen introducing cage 30.00
QMC Queen marking cage 40.00
QMK Queen marking kit, 100no’s, 5 years colours / 100 3 000.00
QMP Queen marking pen 80.00
QPC Queen press in cage for marking queen on the comb 70.00
QR Queen rearing system – eezi-queen 2 800.00
QRC Queem rearing  cup kit 2 900.00
CC Queen clip catcher 100.00

Other Tools

Code Description Price
BB Bee brush local 90.00
BB2 Bee Brush imported 80.00
TE Bee escape (porter) plastic or aluminum 50.00
ROO5 Eyelets – 500 80.00
ROO1 Eyelets – 1000 140.00
RO1 Eyelets – 5000 600.00
FC Frame Cleaner 17.00
FG Frame Grip 140.00
DFS Frame/saver reinforcement for broken frames (10) 50.00
SW Frame wax imbedder use with 12V battery 180.00
SD02 Frame wire 250g,  267m, 200sr, 100br 60.00
SD03 Frame wire 500g  = 534m, 400sr, 200br 120.00
RM Hand held refractometer with  automatic temperature control 1 500.00
HHE Heating element for honey, 80w, 6m, also for the plastic bucket 180.00
BIB Hive entrance reducer 60.00
DD Hive ties  2.5m PVC have woven with buckle ( Brood + 2 supers) 50.00
DDS Hive ties  3m PVC has woven with buckle ( Brood + 3 supers) 60.00
DY Hive tool steel 70.00
DYSC Hive tool spring steel chrome plated (imported) 160.00
MKS Metal hive stand 140.00
DSF Metal strip fastener for floor to brood chamber set of 4 25.00
SK2 Nails for hive assembly 65×2.8mm – 250g 30.00
SK5 Nails for hive assembly 500g 30.00
SK1 Nails for hive assembly 1kg 45.00
SR2 Nails for frames assembly 32×1.4mm – 250g 30.00
SR3 Nails for frames assembly 500g 40.00
SR1 Nails for frames assembly 1kg 80.00
SS2 Nails for wire 13x1mm                200g 60.00
SS5 Nails for wire 500g 100.00
SS1 Nails for wire 1kg 150.00
TV Nine frame spacer (pair) local 40.00
TV1 Nine frame spacer (pair) imported 40.00
PPF Propolis trap, mould plastic 100.00
TPS Pollen screen for the front of pollen trap (without trap) 40.00
PPS Propolis screen (netting) 55.00
PPTA Pollen trap, PVC to fit the front of the hive 280.00
QG Queen guard 70.00
QE Queen Excluder 150.00
DSS Slide attachment ( 2 sets) plate 55.00
SSS1 Straw machine (sealer + Injector + 500 straws 900.00
DTS Travel screen for the closing of hive movement 60.00
SW2 Wax embedding board 190.00
SW1 Wax imbedding  wheel 140.00
TW1 Wax super sheet 25.00
TW2 Wax  brood sheet 30.00


Code Description Price
UT1 Extractor – 8 frames  manual 8 500.00
UT2 Extractor – 20 frame, manual (s/steel) imported 28 565.00
UT3 Extractor –20 frame, electric (s/steel) imported 40 350.00
CS1 Spin dryer for capping 320mm, single phase 53 315.00
HPR Honey press 4 790.00
ME Motor for the Extractor 13 457.00


Filtering of Honey-Wax

Code Description Price
HS2 Honey strainer, double (coarse+fine) 30cm diam nylon 300.00
HS3 Honey strainer, fit 50kg/100kg riper 375mm s/steel 1 000.00
HS4 Honey strainer, fit 200kg/ riper 470mm s/steel 1 650.00
HTF Tubular filter (s/steel) 14 548.00
HS5 Honey scraper (plastic) 15.00
HSP Honey spatula for crystallized honey heavy s/steel 190.00
HS Honey filter conical fir 20L bucket 200.00
HTC Honey thermometer with a plastic guard 150.00
HP Honey pump stainless steel 25 599.00

Honey Tanks, Gates

Code Description Price
WSM Solar wax melter complete = glass in lid, stainless steel 9 000.00
WSMA Solar wax melter complete with glass in lid, aluminium 6 221.00
DP Decanting sump s/steel with float switch and 2 sieves 13 505.00
HGP3 Honeygate – perfection 33/42mm (nylon) 400.00
HGP4 Honeygate – perfection 40/49mm (nylon) 400.00
HGR3 Honeygate – resimel 33/42mm (nylon) scissors action 150.00
HGR4 Honeygate – resimel 40/49mm (nylon) scissors action 200.00
HGR5 Honeygate – resimel 50/60mm (nylon) scissors action 200.00
HS50 Setting tank 50kg stainless steel with perfection gate 4 000.00
HS100 Setting tank 100kg stainless steel with perfection gate 5 000.00
HS200 Setting tank 200kg stainless steel with perfection gate 6 087.00
HS350 Setting tank 350kg stainless steel with perfection gate 11 660.00
HS500 Setting tank 500kg stainless steel with perfection gate 13 305.00
HS1000 Setting tank 1000kg stainless steel with perfection gate 32 225.00
HST Transparent setting tank, 20kg with perfection gate 8 450.00
HHB Heater base with thermostatic control for 50 + 100kg tank 75 575.00
HB Heater base with thermostatic control for 200kg tank 8 575.0
HB1 Heater base with thermostatic control for 350kg tank 9 500.00
HB2 Heater base with thermostatic control for 500kg tank 36 545.00
FUM Fully automatic jar filling machine (30g -2kg) 35 413.00

Wide Range Of Bee Equipment

We supply ALL related bee equipment to ensure that from your weekend warrior to your die heart bee enthusiasts are covered for any and all occasions be related.