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South African Bee Journal


Apimondia 2001 is now history. Fortunately it will still form a part of the future for an indefinite period.

General comments during and since Apimondia have been positive. The scientific programme was of outstanding quality and the exhibitions of a high standard. The refreshments, which were provided, free of charge, were winners and South Africans won a gold medal for their hospitality. To summarize, it can be said that it was good value for money.

To get it all right, there was a team that worked hard to put it all together. On behalf of the Federation I wish to thank all who contributed towards accomplishing a tremendous volume of work and for their patience. Nobody will deny that all did not always run like a well oiled machine. The biggest single problem was cash flow. This was surely the greatest limiting factor. We could however keep the wheels turning to eventually offer the delegates something, which they will still remember for a long time to come.

It is however necessary to mention a few names to inform the uninformed when we do the acknowledgements. Firstly there is Keith McCusker. He was our special advisor and the chairperson of the organising committee. With his years of experience, he was a mainstay and his contributions up to and during the congress cannot be overemphasized. Then there is Cilia Taylor of Conference Planners. She had to carry out all the donkeywork. No one will ever really know how much time she spent behind the scenes to ensure the success of the congress. There were enough notices and minutes of the meetings. A flood of liaison with Apimondia Rome Bucharest took place. This was all but a small portion of the enormous task. There is also Nigel Walker who carried the responsibility for all of the exhibitions. His insight extended much wider than that and his contribution must never be under estimated.

These three people were the cylinders, which kept the engine running. It is therefore fitting especially to thank them for their hard work and untiring zeal. To each one individually, we extend our best wishes for the future.

Then there are still the bee farmers, serving on the organising committee, on whom the task was laid of ensuring that Apimondia was presented with credibility. Firstly there was Adriaan du Toit who had to ensure that the day-to-day organisation remained on track. With background experience of at least three Apimondia congresses to his name, he was well qualified for the task. He was the one person who never doubted South Africa's ability to present the congress. Thank you Adriaan.
Next Joe Hugill had to ensure that there were enough exhibitors to make the congress appealing to the visitors as well. His e-mail facilities worked overtime, but in the end it was a full house. Prof Robin Crewe managed the scientific programme and ensured a high standard in the scientific content of what was presented. Andy Worall, with much frustration, ensured that the visitors could sample genuine South African honey. Judging from the interest, it was a great success. William Urquhart joined us at a late stage. He saw to it that the Natalians and Durbanites also became involved. A cool head, who got things into their right places quickly. The mentioned contributions may sound insignificant and small, but they must never be underestimated because they were the drops that had to fill the large bucket.

And yours truly? As all mentioned, during a busy program to keep my own business running, I also had to render my contribution. If I look at my telephone account I stand amazed at the time it cost to keep the Apimondia wheels rolling. My greatest single contribution was to obtain a financial contribution from the State. After a lot of trouble and with much frustration, to date there has still been no success.

Lastly there is still a long list of people who should still be thanked. All who made financial contributions, the voluntary helpers during the congress and behind the scenes and also all who those came to the congress for the experience. Without them, there would not have been an Apimondia congress.
On behalf of the Management of the Federation, my heartfelt thanks and I am confident that we will, long into the future, still share many pleasant memories.

Nico Langenhoven, Chairman: South African Beefarmers' Associations


Contents page for December 2001
Vol 73, No. 4
Guest Editorial            178 
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