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South African Bee Journal


In the first issue of 2003 strong emphasis was placed on reporting the Industry's developments to you. This included a mammoth letter from the Chairman with a 16-page supplement to explain these developments, as well as an introduction to the national beekeeping development initiative. In this journal, we would like to place the emphasis back on you, the beekeeper: whether commercial, hobbyist or from the development school. You will find the re-introduction of the very popular section started by our previous editor, Mike Allsopp, ASSOCIATION NEWS and NEWS FROM THE BEE LABS. Many thanks to those who reacted promptly to my very short notice and at the same time, to those who missed the deadline,  the shame is rather on me. Further, you will find a comprehensive section for LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Keep sending in those letters with your comments, experiences and questions.

Regrettably, in the previous journal a part of the Chairman's letter was omitted. As this describes some of the proposed changes to facilitate the effective running of and service to the Industry, that section is being published in this issue. Referring to those changes, on the next page you will find a notice by SABlE of the proposed CONSTITUTIONAL changes, which will enable these changes to be effected. This follows the ongoing extremely successful ROAD SHOW, of which nine presentations have been held countrywide. The response from you, Mr. Beekeeper, was one of support, for which we thank you.

Getting back to this issue. A report is being presented on the very successful HONEY BADGER FRIENDLY, initiative. If your name does not appear on the list, it does not mean that you are not supporting the program, but you will need to confirm your support in writing by sending in your Declaration forms. Remember you can still support the initiative regardless of whether you are in a proclaimed badger area or not. You will notice that the full SABlE Committee have signed-up, as well as the Federation Management. From the SA Professional Bee-farmers Co-op Directors side, all but two who have indicated that they will be ready to sign the Declaration within the next month, have signed the Declaration.

A fascinating story of harmless Small hive beetles wreaking havoc in countries such as the USA 1 and apparently now also Australia, is explained in a two-part series. How does this beetle, which  is an occasional nuisance to SA beekeepers end up being a threat to others?

Mike Allsopp and his co-workers introduce us to an inconspicuous hive inhabitant, the pseudo- scorpion. The report gives an excellent summary of what is known about these little creatures. They, then address the topic of reports by beekeepers on whether these creatures could be PREDATORS of the notorious varroa mite. To me, as a scientist, the investigation on the subject of whether bee scorpions can control varroa numbers, is as incomplete and anecdotal as the reports by the beekeepers. As Editor, I have decided to publish the full text as received, as I believe this will stimulate further investigation and MUCH correspondence.

You will find a number of NOTICES included in this journal. Give attention to these and diarise the dates. See you at the next event!!


Contents page for June 2003
Vol 75, No. 2
Editorial            34 
Letters to the Editor


Association News 40
From the Bee Labs 42
Small Hive Beetle 45
National Beekeeping Development Programme 47
Honeybadger update 53
Legislation - Eucalyptus 57
Book review 60
Bee Scorpions 61
Bee-Bodies 68

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