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South African Bee Journal


As from the 23rd of September the Endangered Wildlife Trust (Joan Isham) will be administering the badger friendly (BF) accreditation and the issuing of BF labels.
The basic procedure for ordering the BF labels is still the same as before.
1. Orderforms to be fax to the EWT office in Paarl (see number above) New forms will be send out with the next newsletter, or can be obtained from this office.
2. EWT office will process orders (orders smaller than 10000 issued from office, larger orders direct from Rotolabel).  
3. Rotolabel will be informed/authorized from this office.

4. No labels will be issued, before required payment has been made (4c/label + R20 postage for orders smaller than 10000) and deposit slip faxed to this office. EWT bank details will appear on the amended ordered forms.
To print the BF label as part of your existing brand label you have to apply on the correct form (available from this office) as well as pay a yearly administration fee. Remember that the logos of WWF-SA, EWT and WESSA (that appear on the BF label) are all registered logos and therefore copyrighted and can under no circumstances be used by unauthorised persons! The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the worlds largest, most effective independent organisations dedicated to the conservation of nature. WWF now operates in around 100 countries, supported by nearly 5 million people worldwide. Its initials and famous Panda logo have become a powerful rallying point for everyone who cares for the future of the planet and who wants to help shape it in a positive way. Businesses all over the world pay licensing fees to display this logo. You as a beekeeper / processor displaying the BF label, get this benefit for free!


The EWT can not allow the BF label to appear on imported honey, for the simple reason that this project does not do any auditing outside of SA The use of the SA BF label on imported products will therefore have no credibility.
You will receive your next Badger Bulletin by the end of September, with more detail on these changes. Please inform me of any changes in your contact details. If you are not receiving this newsletter at present, please e-mail/fax me your details and will gladly send you the next issue.

We hope that these changes in administration will not inconvenience you.


With only six months to go, before this 3-year project comes to an end, we are proud to say that the majority of beekeepers visited, support this initiative and agree that adequate hive protection is the only long-term cost-effective solution to badger damage. To date some 320 beekeepers and processors declared their subscription to the SABIO Code of Conduct, which includes badger-friendliness. Beekeepers have come up with, some innovative and relatively inexpensive methods of hive protection. Some of the original methods of hive protection were adapted by beekeepers, to suite their own unique situations. To read more about these methods of hive protection, see our bi-annual newsletters.


Although this extension program comes to an end by April 2005, there are ways of making this project sustainable. Some are already in place:

We believe that once beekeepers successfully protect their hives, they will keep on doing so, just because it makes financial sense!
Conservation NGO's, retailers of bee products, private land managers and owners, the general public and even some beekeepers will continue to promote badger-friendly beekeeping and the conservation of the badger in general.
The project was expanded to also include all major fruit producers (using bees for pollination) in the Western Cape. Most fruit producers are already subject to overseas standards (e.g.Eurepgap) and therefore welcome the registration and badger-friendly accreditation of beekeepers. We also have the formal support of the Deciduous Fruit Producers Trust. (an article on this was published in the July issue of SA Fruit Journal)
A workshop, to train volunteers as part-time extension workers, took place at the end of last year. These extension workers managed to complete some of the outstanding audits outside of the Western Cape. We will be training even more volunteers this year, to make sure that badger-friendly auditing still continues in future.
We are in contact with some of the development beekeeping groups and would like to see hive protection methods incorporated in their beekeeping courses.
Ongoing auditing/issuing of the BF certificates will be paid from the funds generated through the sale of theBF label.

U is baie welkom on my enige tyd te kontak, indien u meer inligting wil bekom of selfs net u mening oor die projek wil gee. Indien enige van u ratelskade ondervind of indien u weet van byeboere wat sulke probleme het, skakel my asb., 0218729806, fax: 021-8626654 of 0828770943. Ons sal baie graag van hulp wil wees.

Indien u nie ons nuusbrief ontvang het nie, skakel, of e-pos my met u kontakbesonderhede.

Joan Isham, Endangered Wildlife Trust.


Contents page for Sept - Dec 2004
Vol 76, No. 3-4
Editorial-Honeybadger update            66 
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